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Busy Week

Time seems to have a way of getting away on me, some days just pass in a blurr between my day job my girls and the house and quilt jobs and trying to fit in a little exercise and of course a little life for myself etc. I’m always striving for balance.
At work I see the young moms juggling the needs of their little ones and having to work with very little sleep and I’m thankful that I get to sleep at night and that the girls are for the most part self sufficient.

There are days when I look at my daughters and can see that a large part of my goals as a mom have been reached and while that makes me feel so proud it also makes me a little sad too. I’m not sure at what point in my mothering career it was but I decided that it was a job I needed to work my way out of. I’ve tried really hard to never micro manage my children, instead I’ve encouraged them to become who they are meant to become. Instead of making their decisions I’ve tried to teach them how to make their own decisions. That wasn’t always easy because there were times when I felt they were making the wrong ones, sometimes I was right but sometimes I was wrong. Of course I never allowed them to make decisions that would endanger themselves or others not that they ever really wanted to anyways.
Last weekend my youngest told me that she thinks I’m a good mom actually she used the word “chill” (high praise from a 14yr old). She said alot of her friends are very frustrated by their parents. I told her that she really owes a lot of thanks to her older sisters who paved the way for her. A mom learns so much along the journey of raising 4 girls.
Life as a mom has taught me so much, definitely that the phrase this shall soon pass is very true, that just when I figured out how to deal with a stage in my girls life’s that the stage would pass, that worrying is really a waste of energy, Praying is a much more efficient use of time.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the above, life has changed so much in the last few years and there are so much more to come.
These little birds of mine are spreading their wings and leaving my nest, and my heart aches abit. Its so bittersweet, I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed with 4 girls to raise and call my daughters. When I allow myself to think back in time there are so many memories that flood me with joy and yes some that make me thankful that we’ve survived it. I’ve known these young woman since before they were born, when all they really wanted in life involved me. Now I have to move to the sidelines of their lives and continue to cheer them on. Well I still do have my baby at home with me and she’ll be with me for at least a few more years. Isn’t it amazing though how fast those years fly by…..

Here’s this weeks picture of Mary’s Kittie, I’m sure glad my babies didn’t grow as fast as this little one. He sure is cute, and I’m so proud of how well his mama is caring for him.

IMG_1178 (Large)

Last weekend was our Long weekend and Saturday morning we were greeted by this in the morning (this is the little patch of rhubarb beside my deck, the previous rhubarb pics were taken at Eriks)

IMG_1174 (Large)

I finished up a cute little custom quilt and only took a few pictures of it before it left, thankfully I’ll be able to get more pictures soon as it belongs to a friend of mine. It was fun to quilt and I think its one of my favorites that I’ve done for others.

IMG_1170 (Large)

IMG_1171 (Large)

IMG_1173 (Large)

and what caused all my pondering above about being a mom?

IMG_1201 (Large)

Congratulations to Sarah and Jeremy on their engagement

IMG_2564 (Large)

5 thoughts on “Busy Week”

  1. So much in this post! I agree with you about how fast those childhood years fly by. I am in that same stage although my only child turns 21 tomorrow. Yikes! You’ve done a wonderful job momma. Don’t worry those birds fly away but they will always flock back to the nest …and bring their brood with them!
    That kitty is adorable! Congrats on the new engagement. How exciting!
    Take care my friend, I miss you.


  2. Wendy, I admire you for your outlook on raising your daughters and that you advocate prayer as a big part of raising children. I’ve always enjoyed seeing your quilting, beautiful work!

    The kitten is adorable!! What a fluffy, cuddly cutie!

    Congratulations to your daughter and soon to be son-in-law. May their lives be filled with many blessings.


  3. Wendy, as usual you are a woman of much wisdom! I appreciate your words and strive to remember them in my life. You are a wonderful mom and should be proud of all your girls and yourself!

    Congrats to the lovely couple! May their lives be blessed and happy.


  4. Thanks for posting on my blog give a way…Congrats to the newly engaged. We just had a wedding last November it was such a wonderful time for our family.

    Thanks for reading my blog, it means so much to me!!



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