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Congratulations to my Graduate!!


IMG_1249 (Medium)

My eldest daughter Sarah graduated with first class standing in Social Work today. She’s worked so hard these last 4 years and done so well. I know that she will be making a very positive impact on our world! She truly is an adult now and a pretty amazing one at that if I do say so myself.

Sarah has really come along way:
2009-05-23-0843-52_edited (Medium)

IMG_1256 (Medium)

Last night I had a little friend of mine over, she really wanted to play with my girls but these days, more often than not the girls are out. She is so cute and asked me if she could come in even though no one was home (I thought to myself what am I??? chopped liver?) I had a quilt job that I really needed to get done last night but decided to take some time for her and show her how to use my sewing machine. It was so fun and she is so smart too, I told her how to program the machine for embroidery and she set it up to put her name on the little quilt. We used some little leftover blocks I had, so it really didn’t take very long. One thing that I really appreciated was the speed setting on my machine for teaching a little one. I have a feeling we might just have another little quilter in our midst.

IMG_1208 (Medium)

I was able to finish up and deliver the quilt on my machine last night.

IMG_1226 (Medium)

IMG_1214 (Medium)

IMG_1213 (Medium)

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