Duluth MN

Summer has to be coming now, it sure looks like summer in Duluth which is about 3 1/2 hours south of us. The leaves are out, lilacs are blooming, we are so behind here. Erik and I have been celebrating his birthday with a trip to Duluth since we first met.
After crossing the border we always stop and visit High Falls, after a short hike we are rewarded with a spectacular scene.

Last time we were across the border we discovered this new little shop called Behind the Seams, its one of those shops that I get lost in, its a bright and cheery shop and the ladies (4 sisters) who own it are so friendly I know that I’ll be returning every chance I get.






Erik was celebrating a special birthday the year I met him and I suggested that I take him to Red Lobster for his dinner, I’ve been taking him to Red Lobster for his birthday ever since.


We like it there so much that we often eat there both nights. This year since we were there in June, Erik suggested the second night be for my Birthday.


Those Bahama Mama’s are too yummy!


After dinner we like to walk around Canal Park, its such an interesting area and although we live so close to Lake Superior, we never get tired of seeing it.




We stayed at Inn On The Lake Superior in a Lakeside room. The first day the weather had been rainy and windy and I could hear the lake all night. The last morning though was bright and sunny. (well there were clouds but it really was so much brighter than it had been)


One of the Quilt shops in Duluth


and right across the street


inside all kinds of treasures for Erik. It was actually pretty interesting.
I can’t seem to figure out how to make it so you can click on and enlarge the pictures, if you know how maybe you could tell me? please.
anyways the shop was full of tools, and gadgets and odds and ends. A surplus store.

That’s enough for tonight’s post, I’ll add the rest of the story tomorrow.


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