Decisions and Time

First thing, I made my decision on my new Camera. I decided to go with the Canon PowerShot SX20 IS model. I’ve had a couple of Powershots already that I was really pleased with and this camera has all of the features and more that I was looking for. At this time in my life I don’t really have the time to invest in learning to use the SLR that I’d want to so for now I’ll stick to the point and shoot side of photography. This camera though will give me more options than my previous camera. Hopefully I’ll be very familiar with my new camera before the newest member of our family arrives in June.

Of course I had to try out my new toy last night and took a few shots in my studio of the latest customer quilt that just came off the frame

This was such a pretty quilt to work on this week, I’m going to have a hard time parting with it, I’m sure that my customer will want it back.


Now onto time. I really enjoy my day job; for the most part it is very interesting and challenging. I work with some great people and my desk is situated beside one of the sunniest windows in the office. (I thrive on daylight esp. when its sunny). My main complaint about my day job is that it takes up so much of my time. I often joke that I wish I had a clone to send to the office for me, so that I could spend more time doing the other things in life that I enjoy. I suppose that’s the wish that most full time employees have.

Anyways I’ve given myself a little treat. I have taken a 10 ½ day Easter weekend with no major plans other than quilting, some spring cleaning, and lots of Wendy time J which is why I picked up my new camera after work yesterday. I’m really hoping that this break will give me a chance to recharge my personal batteries.

I’m also hoping to have a chance to spend a little more time blogging…I guess time will tell.

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