Where to Start?

This week is a gift to me. It’s like a clean page that I am allowing only myself to write on. I’m using up my comp days from work and I’ve made it really clear to my girls that this week is mine.

I had originally thought I’d use the time for some spring cleaning and painting but then I thought better so…….


I’ll be working on my next project; the above picture shows what I’ve done so far.

I will of course work on customer quilts and there are some cleaning projects that I do want to accomplish, it is spring after all and there really is nothing like nice clean windows in the spring and since I don’t live in a house that’s terribly large it isn’t that huge of a project. Also there are some dust bunnies that really have to be caught and released that have been living under the fridge. I just don’t want to get too carried away with spring cleaning and not get some piecing accomplished. Oh and there are a few recipes that I’ve wanted to try … I have 8 days left of my little break!

I played around with my new camera this weekend and also with photo shop. It rained almost the whole weekend but today looks more promising for a walk and some outdoor shots. Not that I’m counting but there are only 67 days til my grandsons approximate time of arrival!!!!




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