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Another 2 days of doing what I want

Yesterday was the day to tackle the half square triangles. There are 144 2 ½” and 12 6 ½” hst’s in this quilt. I’m not crazy about all the trimming but it doesn’t take too long and it’s definitely worth the effort.

The quilt is starting to take shape now; I have all the main blocks finished now and had the time today to sew the centre and first round together. Now I’ll need to take over the living room for a bit and lay the whole quilt out. I’m hoping to have the top finished before I head back to work Tuesday.

This is the
second time I’ve made this pattern. The first time it was offered as a kit from, it was my first of many purchases and they remain one of my favourite online shops. My only gripe with them is that they make it too easy to splurge!

Any ways here is that first quilt, Elizabeth by Carrie Nelson aka Miss Rosies Quilt Co. made with the Wuthering Heights Collection (that I still love and have a little stash of) This quilt was quickly claimed by my daughter Sarah and it will soon be returning to Texas along with the rest of her quilt collection. She also has a charm quilt made with the same collection.

Elizabeth is a fun quilt to piece which is why I’ve always wanted to do it again. The new quilt will be a wedding gift for one of my daughters friends who is getting married in July.

Yesterday morning I dropped of a quilt to one of my customers. She invited me up to her sewing room and then showed me one of the quilts I did for her recently. She wanted me to see the quilt rack that her son in law made for her, that was in her bedroom. Then I noticed the quilt on her bed and my first thought was oh that’s nice I wonder who quilted it……oh my, my memory is failing me. I wonder if that happens to other longarmers as well?

I did spend some time working on the black and white quilt that I posted yesterday, it’s almost halfway finished.

I probably won’t be back in my studio until Monday and hopefully I’ll be able to spend the whole day again.

Have a great Easter!

6 thoughts on “Another 2 days of doing what I want”

  1. I’m loving your new version of Elizabeth. I made one in the original fabrics (like yours and Miss Rosie’s) and it will always be a favorite.

    You’ve had some very productive days. 🙂


  2. I love your new Elizabeth..that is such a wonderful pattern and your fabrics are perfect. Glad you’re having great “you” days! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  3. LOVELY quilts!! And yes, that forgetting past quilting does happen. I recently went to a quilt show with DD and said, “OOO… let’s go look at THAT one over there. It looks like it has some really nice quilting on it.” Oops! I had quilted it (1 1/2 years earlier)… no WONDER I liked it! (grin).

    That is a really neat pattern, and your gray and red is turning out really nice.


  4. Wow Wendy, your quilt is going to be just beautiful – I love the pattern! You make me inspired to get out and make more triangles! Love the color combination too!
    Happy Easter from Switzerland!


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