An Elizabeth Update

Thank you so much to Nichole at Sisters Choice for her post on my Elizabeth quilt and then so many wonderful comments from her and others on my work. You all really made my week. So much so that I did get the setting triangles finished last night despite the cold I have and being exhausted. I’m working overtime on my day job today so no quilting for me. Sometimes my day job really does interfere with my quilting passion J hopefully I’ll get the top put together this week.

One of the reasons for the cold could be the late night smelt fishing Erik and I did last weekend. It’s a spring thing to do around here, so at 2am last Saturday night we were down at the waterfront. You can see one of the grain elevators by night.

We (well Erik used the net I held the pail) accomplished what we set out for and got home around 4:30 am

They are pretty yummy when they are fresh so we had a couple feeds and froze some for trout bait for later in the season.

Sunday I uncovered the flower beds, how exciting to see the asparagus up and other perennials returning. The prairie crocus in bloom too. I am so loving my new camera!

I was able to zoom into this visitor from the deck

This last Wednesday was Professional Administration day and my team knows me well, they presented me with this gift

That is my Tag Sale quilt as background.

One last picture and then I’d better get ready for work. Last night I walked into the living room to find my youngest busy at work and ran back up for the camera. When I first saw them the kitty (Girdy) was totally posing for her. Katie my dtr is 15 and has been creating her whole life, she never really bothered with toys.

Have a great Weekend. And thank you again to everyone for so many visits to my blog and lovely comments too I really do appreciate hearing from you!


4 thoughts on “An Elizabeth Update”

  1. Take your time and get well! We’ll be here waiting to see your quilt top when it’s done. I agree. My work life does interfere drastically with my sewing:)

    Love your fishing photos. Fishing was my Dad’s passion. Your photos bring back many wonderful memories.


  2. Yes, the quilt is beautiful! I agree about work interfering with my quilting – I’m still trying to figure out a way around that – LOL! Hope you feel better soon!


  3. Nicole was perfectly correct about your quilt! I’d admired it here and then a few days later read Nicole’s site and thought to myself ‘wait a moment, that beautiful quilt looks very familiar’, and wouldn’t you know…it was yours. Congratulations – I’m sure you got zillions of hits on your blog as a result of the great publicity. And it is a very beautiful quilt!!!!!


  4. Wow! Lovely pictures and your daughter has obvious talent. Now, I wonder where she got that? ;^) I’m so glad you lucked out with your camera. I love my camera, but the software has been giving me fits. I finally got someone at Pentax to promise to send me a new software program on Friday. I hope I get it soon.


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