An Early Weekend

Today was my Saturday, until now my day job has been Monday to Friday. This has recently been changed and starting this weekend there will be a weekend rotation and I’m first. So I had today off as well as tomorrow. I had planned to be busy here at home and I was. I started the day with a quick vacuuming of the house; you see my daughter and her little Kitties have moved into their apartment. I have to admit that part of me enjoyed the kitties’ antics but the allergic to cats part of me should be breathing easier…well once this cold leaves me that is.

Once I had the house put back in order, I got out the Elizabeth blocks and I have the top laid out on the Living room floor, its still there waiting to be sewn into a top, hopefully tomorrow. I like to look at the blocks over for a bit before I commit to their placement. I also finished loading a customer quilt and got a start on it. Then I thought I’d work on my fatquartershop BOM and did get a good start but my head feels so foggy today that I decided to quit while I was ahead. I sure hope to feel better tomorrow.

I’ll add so pictures tomorrow of my Elizabeth progress assuming I have the energy.

So for now I’ll tell you what’s happening with my original Summer Wind Quilt, The picture shows the top hanging on the line. You see when I made and quilted it, I was fairly new to longarming and I used a panto on it that I’m not really crazy about. I prefer more density in my quilting and when this quilt was washed it just didn’t look right to me. A friend of mine offered to take out the quilting for me this winter and I took her up on the offer. I’m hoping that in time all of the previous stitching lines will blend away and I’ll be much happier with my quilt.

Sarah asked for a photo shoot tonight. She is 35 weeks now and I think she looks beautiful. She keeps asking me if I remember this and that about being pregnant and its funny all I remember is how much I enjoyed expecting each of my girls. I was fortunate not to have any morning sickness or any other complications with my 4 pregnancies and I also thing that time has blurred my memories..

4 thoughts on “An Early Weekend”

  1. Sarah looks stunning – she’s really glowing. 🙂

    Wendy, your Summer Wind quilt is beautiful. I had to remove the quilting on a quilt a few years ago and fretted about the previous stitching lines, too. I tossed the top in the washer on a handwash cycle, let it air dry till it was just slightly damp and then pressed it. That seemed to work for me. I can’t wait to see this one quilted.


  2. thank you Darlene, I can’t wait to have my summer wind re quilted and back on my bed. Its kinda good to know that I’m not the only one who would do such a thing 🙂


  3. Hi Wendy – Wow, what a nice friend to take out all that quilting for you! I have a top that I absolutely love and I also quilted it when I was new to longarming and I’m not happy with how it came out (like you, too open, needs more quilting). But, I don’t have such friend – LOL – and I’m certainly not taking the quilting out, so I guess I’ll live with it – ha ha ha! Both Summerwind and Elizabeth are on my “to-do” list. Have the fabrics I want to use for each – now for the time to do them!!

    Sarah does look beautiful! I loved being pregnant (not that I’d want to do it again, mind you-LOL!) Like you, no morning sickness or any issues (well, until the delivery, but in the end all was well). Good luck to her!!


  4. Hi Wendy,
    hope you’re OK – I keep checking by to see how you’re doing. Your loyal readership are missing you – come back soonest!
    best wishes from over the pond,


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