Big News!

The last month has been busy and full. First of all I did not escape the bug that was travelling around and ended up sidelined for a few days though, the bug did keep me feeling pretty crummy for a few weeks. Thank goodness the antibiotics did their thing.

I haven’t spent enough time quilting this month and only have the first border on my Elizabeth quilt but I’ll get there.

There was a baby shower held for Sarah last weekend and Jeremy and his mom drove up to be here for it.

The following Sunday evening 2 ½ weeks before her due day, someone was ready to make his presence known and Jeremy and his Mom made another trip up north!
I am officially a Grandma now to the most beautiful baby boy! He was born yesterday afternoon May 17th

10 thoughts on “Big News!”

  1. congrats! sounds like our new grandsons were born the same week. enjoy enjoy enjoy!


  2. Congratulations Wendy – I’m so happy for you! Glad to have you back posting too! Sometimes it’s important for life to get in the way! Enjoy this beautiful boy!! Lol Helen



    I am so happy for all of you! Tell us his vital statistics: name, weight, time etc!!

    Can’t wait to see more pics!!


  4. So happy for you! Being a grandma is wonderful! Soon you’ll be sidetracked with baby clothes, cloth books, I Spy quilts etc!

    Enjoy every minute!


  5. Congratulations Wendy! My oldest son, Brent, turned 40 on May 17th. He was born at 10:30 AM on a gorgeous Sunday morning in 1970.


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