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Challenges and Change

Once upon a time, my girls were happy to drive this and I was ok with it

now my youngest drove off in her new


All bought and paid for and now insured…..and most importantly to her licenced to drive without her Mom. Congratulations Katie for reaching such a big milestone in your life…but please be careful you are driving my baby around in that car!

The weather was lovely this morning but the rainclouds came out this afternoon, so my friend Alva and I decided to play inside and work on this


A group of quilters from our guild recently attended a Ricky Tim’s conference and after borrowing Alva’s book from the conference I am determined to play with many of his techniques. Thank you Alva for a fun afternoon and for sharing your batiks with me!! I’m not finished with this piece yet.

After I finished piecing my convergence piece I decided to finish up an applique piece that I started with my small group. I’m not really finished with it yet so it’s still a work in progress but its been fun…

IMG_4954(Alva also gave me a hand with fabrics on this one, I haven’t gotten started collecting Batiks because I know what will happen…)

I also asked Alva for advice on my Schnibble and she suggested a change that I quite like

I will have to change some of my 4 patches but I do like this layout better. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Challenges and Change”

  1. I knew that was a Ricky Tims before I even read that you’d been to a seminar. I went to one about 4 years ago in Tennessee with 3 girlfriends. We had a blast, and learned so much!! Was it with Alex Anderson and Libby Lehman? I loved his Rhapsody quilt, and still doodle designs on folded paper.

    I like the way your friend moved around the blocks in the Schnibbles. Looks really good!


  2. Oh yes, wasn’t life so simple when they were very happy in the Little Tykes car…LOL! I really like the way your friend moved the blocks around…love the red ones placed like that…looks great!


  3. LOVE the new layout on the Schnibbles quilt!! Convergence quilts are so fun! I have made 5 of them, and I NEVER do a quilt the 2nd time… except for these.


  4. The new layout on the Schnibbles looks great. Convergence looks to be very interesting. Can’t wait to try it. Katie looks great behind that wheel but be careful Katie!!! Drive safely.


  5. hello, your Ricky Tim’s convergence is superb – is it possible to have a tutorial
    for doing a such beautiful quilt ? thanks a lot – a french quilter


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