More Summer Days…..

We spent Canada Day weekend in Fort Frances visiting friends, normally I go a bit overboard on the picture taking but the evening before we left I missed a step and as a result spent the weekend hobbling around thankfully it wasn’t too serious. I was still able to go fishing..thanks Ken for taking us.


I love our lakes in Northern Ontario, we still have so much unspoiled beauty. Many of the lakes in the north haven’t been built on but are crown land, so people can use them just not own them. The above picture though is at Rainy Lake which has many cabins and homes built on it.

Our friends neighbour Carol is also a quilter so I did have a little quilting talk on our trip. We were talking about our little Janome Jems and she mentioned her thread holder that she bought years ago at Fanny’s Fabrics and said it was the perfect size for travel etc.. but hasn’t seen them sold for years. If anyone reading this knows where one can be found I’d sure like to know.


Yesterday our temperature soared up to a Feels like 45C which is about 113F which is crazy hot for here esp when you don’t have AC in your house. Thankfully my studio is in the basement where it usually stays pretty cool.  We also grilled some Lake Superior Salmon that was extremely yummy!


I also spent the day at Erik’s making full use of his pool, some shade and a good book!  I’m reading the series by Marie Bostwick, I’m on the third in the series or four. (Thanks Luci)

A Single Thread


and I’ve been playing in my studio as well turning a couple charm packs into a baby quilt, I can hardly wait to see this little one finished.


Life really is good!!

1 thought on “More Summer Days…..”

  1. We just came home from a 4 day camp trip in Ontario… A beautiful and isolated lake, named Dryberry…
    Sorry, never seen a thread holder as such, so I’m not much help there…
    You’ve got a darling baby quilt to finish up! Enjoy! 😎


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