Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Cathy’s Kitty Quilt

Many of my customers request that I decide on the quilting design for their quilts, however they also know that if they have something specific in mind that I don’t already have that I will find it and order it in for their quilt happily adding new pantographs to my collection.

How adorable is this bright and fun quilt!! When Cathy told me about the quilt that she was making for her granddaughter she requested a cat themed pantograph so we discussed the different options and decided on Copy Cat.

The backing is Fireside which I pieced for her. These backings add so much softness and warmth to a quilt and are easy and wonderful to work with!

Look at how beautifully the quilting shows up!!

Let me help you bring your quilting projects to completion!


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