Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

January Blues … and a big finish!

The 3rd Monday of January is considered Blue Monday and if you google it you will find…

“The term Blue Monday was coined by psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall, who worked out a formula to show how the third Monday in January is especially bad. It takes into account factors including the average time for New Year’s resolutions to fail, the bad weather, debt, the time since Christmas and motivational levels.”

Winter is long in North Western Ontario and we often go without sunshine for days on end and when it does appear it means colder weather. There is always so much hype and build up coming into Christmas and yes a few weeks past and being back in routine can cause many to feel down…. A good time to have coffee with friends and to touch base!

I spent my Monday at the Rec centre with quilting friends, determined to finish my Longtime Gone quilt top… also known as long time to make as it’s taken a couple of years to complete…

The borders took some consideration and once the decision was made it didn’t take too long to complete. I was able to get two borders completed and attached at the centre and the third when I arrived home.

Early Tuesday morning I decided to just finish it up. There was one section that bothered me two matching pieces in the checkerboard and a few threads off in my piecing…

I decided not to leave it and found a fun addition to my quilt. This was not my first time replacing a block in the centre of a quilt and my advice is to take your time and be patient…

Much better!

One last step, was the victory lap! With a pieced border such as this it is a really good idea to stay stitch about an 1/8th of an inch around the perimeter of the quilt. This will prevent the seams from separating.

I am fortunate to spend so much of my time in my studio, where I use really good lighting to keep my space bright and also try to have bright fun personal project to work on when time allows.

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