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January Quilting and Life

Another anniversary has just passed over the New Year of my APQS Millennium’s arrival December 31, 2004. I began Longarm quilting for others a few months later and continue to love and grow in this wonderful business.

After allowing myself a little down time and time to quilt one for myself, my machine is back to work…of course that means that I am as well.

Just a peek

And another peek

We had scheduled a fun day for Liam and two more grands before Christmas which had to be cancelled due to the gastro crud…so this week we had a redo… the epic nerf gun war, sledding and snowmobiling were in order and lots of fun and laughter!

Erik preparing the sliding hill also known as the snow mountain as the kids call it. This year the addition of the back hoe has helped to grow it.
The biggest kid!

Of course the big winter highlight is when Pappa gets out the snowmobiles. Liam has mastered his driving skills and loves to ride our trails.

Another highlight around here this winter has been the addition of the jumbo lego blocks…they have provided hours of fun! Liam has returned to virtual learning this week and really enjoys his forts for when he is off school.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Quilting and Life

We held a Christmas brunch for the grandkids and family on Sunday it was so fun to watch the kids enjoy each other’s company and open their gifts. The excitement of Christmas is alive and well with the children!

Unfortunately one of the families had had the gastro crud run through their house a week ago and we were sure they were in the clear….we were wrong. Almost everyone came down with it starting on Monday.

I was spared however Liam was not, he rarely gets sick and had never had this. We were both very glad that I could care for him through this. Much to our relief and after sleeping from late Monday night until Wednesday morning with a few wake points he is now back to his happy self. Others are recovering as well.

Liam and I really enjoyed fresh air yesterday

We also made some slime

While he slept I was able to quilt my Moda Blockheads quilt and will work on the binding later today. This is my first personal quilt to be quilted this year!

I first saw this sunshiny backing on a customer quilt and loved it!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Autumn Life

Life has been busy around here. We often comment on how quickly each day seems to have passed. Erik has been retired for almost 5 months, like many say…he really doesn’t know how he had the time to go to work!

A long needed project well on its way to completion

Eriks Mom is doing really well. Her heart valve replacement has been a total success thankfully!

Liam is happy to be back to in class learning, though reports that he misses the food and time with us. It is as it should be though and we are very happy to have him here for visits.

Hiking at Mills Block with Mom and Grandma
Working with his Dad, Liam said running the excavator was way more fun than video games

More exciting family news has been shared 🥰 being grandparent truly is the best!

I finally finished freezing apples yesterday so some fall cleaning is in order.

Happily my customers are keeping me very busy with their quilts. Life is busy and full but oh so good!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario


Eriks Mom and I arrived yesterday, we flew Porter which was a first for me and what a smooth and easy experience. My girls explained how Uber works and wow that was fantastic.

We are staying on the 24th floor of the Chelsea. My only gripe is that there are no longer coffee makers in the room…I brought my own which won’t surprise anyone who knows me!

While Hilkka rested, I set out for groceries as we have a room with a kitchen. I am not a big city girl that’s for sure and using my maps app on the phone sure makes everything so much easier.

Our evening view was much brighter, though it definitely is a lot louder than our for the most part quiet country life. So many non stop sirens.

We have a balcony so it was nice to get some air last night.

I have begun a little English Paper Piecing project to keep busy while we are here. That will be another post. I am hoping to visit the Workroom while here as it seems my closest option of a quilt shop and it certainly looks intriguing….have any of you been there?

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

September Life

On both a happy and sad note, Liam has returned to school. He was a little stressed about it the week or so beforehand however his clever teacher made sure that it was a fun and exciting time. I picked him up from his first day and he was full of happy stories.

He stayed with us for supper, and a visit and was having trouble staying awake on the drive to town. He has told everyone that he will be here on pa days and breaks. We feel so fortunate to have had so much time with Liam in the last year and a half.

First day of grade 5

Just before Liam went back to school, Erik came home with a new to us lawn tractor…Liams first words of course were can I drive it?

It won’t be long before we have a new lawn boy!

Erik and I enjoyed a fishing adventure on one of the boundary lakes, we really live in such a beautiful area with so many fresh lakes and forests. We had a good day and came home with a good catch.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Summer 2021 Life

This has been the hottest and driest summer that I can remember. We had hoped to take a small trip somewhere however it just hasn’t worked out.

We thought about a trip to Grand Beach Manitoba but with record making temperatures we decided to stay at our own resort where we can use the pool anytime and enjoy the comforts of home and air conditioning.

I have been teaching Liam how to make Finnish pancakes and the other day he showed his Mom his special way of eating them! canned whipping cream is not something that I would normally buy however once in a while… he does have fun with it.

I have spent some time helping and visiting with my granddaughter and the cousin love is just so precious!

They are always so delighted to see each other!

In Texas news my eldest Grandson started Grade 6 this week. We are really hoping for a visit as it’s been way too long!

We visited with friends of ours, during covid lockdowns they decided to learn to use hula hoops so bought tubing from the hardware store and weighted them with water…and they both mastered them!

Erik has been busy with his new to him tool which the grandsons both asked if they could drive it as soon as they saw it!

I have been busy with family, gardening and of course quilting. My Longtime gone piecing has been a little slow this month though with Liam returning to school in a couple of weeks that should change.

I am almost halfway done making the little churn dash blocks, I love the small piecing.
Creative chaos!

Of course my summer has also involved my customer quilts…look for my next post soon.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

First Fishing trip of 2021

The three of us decided yesterday morning that we needed a fishing day!

It was a bright sunny day and while we knew that fishing and the full moon don’t always mean a good catch we persevered.

Our adventure included some exploring and pictures of Liam on an interesting rock that looks carefully placed.

It’s actually so much larger close up!

A tiny island that provided a safe little swimming hole. This lake lacks areas for swimming.

The rocks under the water are very slippery and the lake is deep.
A good climb and view and another first for Liam.
Another first and According to Liam the most fun part of the day was his driving fast across the lake!

My excitement was my first catch of the summer! It was a team effort of course as I doubt I would have netted it myself while reeling in. We haven’t seen a pickerel this size at this lake before.

I am getting braver about holding my fish.
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Fathers Day

One evening almost 17 years ago, my Dad called me and asked if I had ever heard of a Longarm quilting machine. I had seen the adds in magazines and knew that as a single Mom of 4 young girls that owning such a thing was not possible. I was working full time with a lot on my shoulders.

Well, a couple of weeks or so later, my Dad called me at work. (My parents lived in Calgary at the time and I in Thunder Bay). He called me to tell me that he had ordered an APQS Millenium Longarm and that it would be delivered in 2 weeks!!!

My Dad, an artist himself knew something that I didn’t know at the time. He knew that I could use my love of quilts and my creativity to not only supplement my income but to grow in my art.

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!

Dad with his faithful companion Charlie and I
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario


The sky is rumbling this morning as it was yesterday morning. While I cut grass with the riding mower Friday evening I watched the sky as the clouds rolled in darker and darker and just as I was close to finishing the wind picked up to the point where you know it’s time to head inside! There wasn’t a lot of rain just thunder and quite the light show.

Our weather has been hot and humid the last few days a little unusual for this time of year. It’s also black fly and mosquito season and as careful as I have been I have more than my share of bites.

Now that Erik has retired we have added a couple of gardens and had a load of soil delivered and picked up a load of horse manure from a farm not too far from here. Needless to say there has been a lot of outside work lately.

Liam learnt how to use our dandelion puller though we gave up on controlling them years ago!

The government announced last week that the schools will remain closed until September so virtual learning continues until June 25th. Liam had mixed emotions about the decision, he does miss being at school but he also enjoys being here though he really likes virtual class. We have adapted and he works on some of the assignments that are posted independently.

We often head out for explores in our woods. There are mallards nesting by our pond.

Liam guessed that the robins were hatching, I went under the deck and took a few quick pictures so we could see what was going on…

Next time I will take a little more time to get a better picture. It was fun to see though. There was also a squirrel lurking about…I chased it off and so far it hasn’t been back.

On the quilting front I am currently working on a customers series of 5 wallhanging which I will share soon. I realized after the fact that I didn’t take pictures of Lorraines latest quilt which made me sad as she isn’t sure if she will get to the last two she has planned due to her declining health.

My Moda blockheads quilt is still on the wall as I wait for the Bella Solid to arrive for sashing.

So while I wait I have started working on my next quilt Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell. I am planning to make it primarily from scraps.

On a fun note I added a little fabric to my stash…

Check out Fuelled by Fabric if you are in my area, Donna does deliver and does curbside as well.
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

On the life side of life

This last week marked a new beginning! Not only was it Eriks birthday but also the beginning of retirement.

I had so much on my mind I meant to put Pappa not Erik on the cake.

Liam has been looking forward to Eriks day for months as it also marks his half birthday and he is really looking forward to being 10.

He and Pappa both have a deep love of Dairy Queen Cake so Liam was pretty pumped to go shopping for that. I had a few other errands to do and we both agreed that it would be best to pick up the cake last. I told Liam that it was his job not to let me forget the cake!

We grilled bison burgers on the green egg for supper. No pictures but they sure were yummy!

Liam spent some time with his Great Grandpa learning to sketch caricature faces. My Dad is an incredible wood carver and artist and it’s so nice to see him sharing his skills.

On a silly note Liam discovered the heat lamp in the sauna change room.