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Cathy’s T-Shirt Quilt and Karen McTavish

I must confess that I haven’t quilted many T-shirt quilts over my quilting career and in this case there was a bit of a learning curve! A quick chat with Karen McTavish solved the issue that I was having… the tension was beautiful but the stitches were long at times.

She asked what thread I was using, which was Glide and suggested a less slippery thread…I switched to sew fine and problem solved! Thank you Karen for you kindness and generosity!!

For those who don’t know Karen, she is an amazing quilter whom I became acquainted with in a years ago quilting chat group called LaChat where several Longarm quilters met regularly to chat and had forums full of support from one another. Karen had just begun her McTavishing at that point at least the name was suggested at that time….her quilting career has been an amazing one to follow!

I first met her in Duluth when there was a Longarm conference and Quilt Show held at the DECC. So many years ago, it was my first trip alone, first hotel room alone and I met many Longarm online friends there….That was about 17 years ago!

Karen is an APQS dealer and has a Longarm rental shop in Duluth MN and she has recently been expanding her shop carrying exciting fabrics and supplies! Her website is very worth a visit let alone her shop when you can! Check out her amazing online classes while you are there!


So back to Cathy’s T-Shirt Quilt. The story behind it is a collection of T-Shirts belonging to her son in law…he didn’t want to part with them and now he not only doesn’t have to he can also make good use of them! We chose the pantograph bayside as a gentle non descriptive design which worked beautifully.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Altheas Quilt

This quilts maker has been working on using up her Mother’s stash for a few years now. She is very creative and has a lot of fun with her designs!

I will start though with the backing that had two pieces that needed to grow into one large back. I decided on this layout as it was interesting, fun to piece and made the best use of the fabric supplied.

It also really shows off the quilting, doesn’t it?

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Millie’s Quilt and backings

It may be March, but winter hold its grip here in NW Ontario. We already have more than enough snow and now are forecasted to receive another 20cm over the weekend.

Millie’s latest quilt was a bright addition to my studio. One of the things that I do for my customers with no extra charge is to piece their quilt backs if needed. Sometimes the piecing isn’t just a matter of sewing two or three lengths of fabric.

Millie had two different fabrics and just sewing a seam did not grow the back to the right size. I actually prefer interesting backs.

I used the pantograph Shasta Daisy on this pretty quilt.

I don’t always know where the patterns that my customers use to make their quilts. How fun for me to find out today that Millie used the pattern City Slicker by Highway 10 Designs.


I have been following Kathy’s blog for years and really admire her work!


Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

56 Block Quilt

This quilt was pieced during a weekly block challenge of a block a week by my customer. She used primarily batik fabrics for the top and the backing is batik as well.

There is so much to see when looking at this quilt that I chose a very soft flowing pantograph that just added the right touch.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Superman Quilt

How fun is this quilt made by a grandma for her grandson who loves superman! Liam totally approved this quilt. (If you haven’t been following my blog Liam is my 10 year old grandson)

You might notice that the binding is attached. I do upon request add the binding for my customers. Many will choose this step and will do the hand stitching themselves.

The pantograph swirls was chosen and added fun movement to this quilt.

More fun…the backing glows in the dark!!!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Why Have A Large Fabric Stash

Do you remember those large boxes of crayons.. the ones that came with attached sharpeners? Now that was exciting! Maybe more so for some than others. I really don’t remember not creating and enjoying playing with colour.

Growing up, my Mom always had her sewing machine out and often was used mostly for making clothes but sometimes home decor. The visits to the fabric departments… were so much fun!

Seventh grade in Winnipeg meant a sewing class…that meant my very own set of new notions! The beginning of a love for sewing notions that still exists today. Oh and the fabric!

While it is true that styles change and that is very true in the quilting industry as well, and collecting fabric that may or may not get used isn’t the wisest use of money. Having a stash that has been collected over the span of many years has its benefits.

I have been Longarm quilting for others for 18 years, I have noticed that many of my customers who are ahead of me on this life journey have more time and the fabrics to make the most amazing quilts.

Marilyns quilt is one! I asked her if the fabrics in this quilt were all hers and she said yes all accumulated over many years of quilting!

This quilt is one of three queen size quilts that Marilyn has made for her adult granddaughters.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Florence’s Paper Pieced Quilt

Florence told me that she really hasn’t enjoyed paper piecing, though she do a fantastic job on this quilt!

The original backing that she and I chose became a puzzle as it just did not want to cooperate, different size needles, bobbins, tension settings nothing seemed to prevent it from snagging and popping white threads through it. The backing was a very dark gray with black swirls. The only thing we didn’t try was washing it, which we discussed however Florence decided to try another backing.

The second backing had absolutely no issues and the stitches returned to the normal perfect ones on both top and back. It is very unusual for a backing to be so uncooperative!!

The second choice is actually was actually prettier on this quilt so maybe it was just meant to be.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Sunny Days!!!

Well we have had some sunshiny days in January, of course those are usually our coldest days of winter!

My Sunny quilt has made for many hours of fun piecing with a new to me paper piecing technique along with the fun of a palette put together by Tara Faughnan of the Color collective. It’s been a welcome adventure.

While making it an old and favourite song from my childhood kept coming to mind…Sunny Days by Lighthouse. It actually came on the radio yesterday!

This weekend after finishing up a customer quilt, I gifted myself time on the Longarm for Sunny. The backing reminds me of tie dye a bit and also carried many of the tops colours. I love finding just the right backs for my quilts!

Sunny is ready for binding…I am leaning towards the orange! What would you choose?

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Double Sided Quilts

The digitally printed panels available lately are so beautiful and this quilt features them on both the top and the backing.

Actually Pat pieced two tops however one was for the backing. This is not the first time I have had this request and although it can be challenging to keep both centred it can be done.

The front

The back

Pat chose the pantograph star swirl, this design fits perfectly!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Joan’s Scrap Quilt….

I have been quilting for Joan for several years now and am always delighted when I see her latest creation. Her colour and pattern choices are not only fun to see but also to quilt!

As most quilters, she has found that the scraps are taking over so she has begun the scrap piecing journey. This quilt is one and was a fun walk down memory lane!

It was loaded and quilted on a gray snowy day! I share this picture to give a glimpse of how I load most quilts. I like to load the top as I find it gives me more control and enables me to keep the quilts square and flat. It’s an extra step but one that I find worthwhile.

I used the Pantograph Flying Paisley, with just enough flowers and leaves to compliment this very pretty quilt.