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Tumbling Blocks Quilt and Source

A quilt that I made in 2013 has been on my mind lately. I remember my friend Alva showing me the technique and she was determined that I should try it out.

I started out making only some coloured blocks.

Which grew to more blocks…

They lived on my design wall for a while until I decided on a final layout. I added the gray blocks, the gray fabric was the same gray only different dye lots. This was fabric purchased from Fabricland so I don’t recall the brand.

I still love everything about this quilt!

Today this tutorial was blogged about on Teresa Down Unders blog and it came up on different feeds as well.


Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Starry Batik Quilts

Do you ever find a fabric that you just fall in love with and really can’t bring yourself to cut up?

Well these two quilts are fun examples of what to do. Clare originally thought that she might like to make a quilted jacket with the fabrics however after living with the idea for awhile her mind changed.

Still loving the fabric she added borders and brought them to me with yardage for the backings.

I chose the pantograph Bayside, to add just a hint of movement but not distract from the fabric itself.

The backing fabric was a perfect choice for these quilts and as I do love a challenge I was able to piece the backs for both quilts with one piece of about 6”x18”’s left over! Many of my customer like to have me piece their backs as it’s a complementary add on.

The second quilt was a little busier so I chose the pantograph Star Swirl to add to the movement of the night sky that spoke to me in this fabric.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Long Time Gone Jacobs Ladder Block

Do you find piecing is a little like eating potato chips? once you start it’s hard to stop? I do and as a bonus it’s so much healthier. I rarely allow myself to have my ironing station beside my sewing machine. It’s so important to get up from your chair and move. In my opinion anyways.

So after finishing up the Square in a Square Star block I moved on to the Jacobs Ladder block. I have always enjoyed working with small pieces and this quilt certainly gives me joy.

It’s fun to play with the layout. Can you guess which one I chose?

I am really looking forward to seeing this quilt come together and am mulling over the quilting design as I work on it. Often I choose a quilt to make knowing beforehand how I will quilt it.

As I was falling asleep last night I was wondering what will become of this quilt. I think a child might have fun with it as there are many little surprises in it.

Currently on the design wall is the Plus a Star block…more on that soon.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Perfect Ten Quilt

Several years ago there was a wonderful quilt shop in Grand Marais Minnesota. It’s funny now that we all called it Crystals Shop (the owners name was Crystal) though I am sure that it had another name.

Crystal carried a lot of batiks and had developed a pattern and sold many many kits called The Perfect Ten, I recently had the pleasure of quilting one for a customer.

My customer has two daughters who also quilt and they had challenged each other to get their ufo’s complete. Mom won.

The backing was such a perfect choice.

Living in Thunder Bay, many quilters here have often enjoyed day trips across the border for a drive along Lake Superior for shop hops. We now have one in Lutsen to visit along with Quilters Corner in Beaver Bay.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

My Friendship with Leila

As a young busy single Mom I was blessed to have many friends who were ahead of me on this life journey we are all on.

Most of these women I met through the Quilt Guild and by quilting for them. When I first checked out our local guild, I only peeked in the door and didn’t stay…I wasn’t quite 30 then and it looked like most of the women there were a lot older than I was. I mistakenly thought to myself that they wouldn’t welcome me.

Oh how wrong I was, and when I ventured back I was so welcomed, and mentored. I loved sitting with these women and watching and listening to them at guild meetings.

When news got out that I was getting a Longarm they were truly excited for me and supportive! That’s when I started quilting for Leila. She at the time was the local Elna dealer and she was determined that I needed the Quilters Dream Pro sewing machine. She kept inviting me over to try it, I kept declining, knowing that I would most likely love the machine and also knowing that it was priced way out of my budget.

Still she persisted and one day when I dropped one of her quilts off to her she insisted that I sit down and try out the machine…so I did. Of course I loved it. Well she had a plan, she said that she knew it was beyond what I could afford but what if I just quilted her quilts for it!

She sent me home with that machine and I love it to this day! She also sat me down and taught me to service my own machines a gift that has served me well many times.

A couple of months ago Leila called me to let me know that she hadn’t been well and was moving to Southern Ontario to live closer to her family. We had such a nice visit.

Leila passed away this week.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Monkey Quilt

How can you not smile when you look at this fun quilt! The fabric choices were perfect and it was such a joy to quilt!

It was quilted using the Pantograph Waterworld. I like a well quilted baby quilt with the hope that the quilt will be well loved ad will withstand the many washings that are need from being well used.

The back
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Quilting with Friends and Hats!!

One of the things that I really enjoyed before the pandemic was my weekly Rec centre quilting day. Before we all had to stay home , once a week from 1-9 quilters gathered, worked on their projects shared ideas and stories and laughter, a lot of silly giggly laughter.

It’s been so nice to be back lately and this week it hit me, that I really did miss the laughter! I really don’t mind being at home, which works really well with a home based business however it sure is nice to be back with friends!

This week I decided to revisit my Longtime Gone Quilt project. I had put it aside while working on a few other projects. I had been bringing my Stellar quilt however that pattern really requires concentration and is best suited for working alone in my studio.

These are the blocks that started my decision to make the quilt.

Have you seen the hats being made? This morning I read on a blog that I follow that she is making one with crumb piecing, that looks like fun.

I have been reading this blog for a while now, her Franken bags are so inspiring and now her hats!! She shares the links to her tutorials on a recent post including one for Finnish Salmon Soup. Here is a link to her fun blog!


Here is the link for the free bucket hat pattern


Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Parchment Pantograph

Parchment has become a very popular pantograph for my quilters it seems. I have used it fairly often and I used it to finish this recent quilt. I used a baby blue thread colour that really popped against the black.

My pictures of the backing really didn’t do the actual colours justice. The backing is a beautiful blue batik that really showed off the perfect stitches.