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UFO’s also known as unfinished objects

If you have been a quilter for any length of time you most likely know about the above term and possibly possess one or more or several UFO’s.

I personally prefer to think of them as works in progress. For what ever reason some projects need the next step maybe a new idea, additional fabric or time to complete. Most of mine are waiting to be quilted and because I put customer quilts first that pile grows. One thing that I am careful to do is to choose and purchase backings so that they are ready for quilting. I also have binding fabrics on hand.

I usually do personal long-arming over the Christmas holidays which will be here before I know it. So it’s time to plan.

This was a kit, I purchased it after quilting a customer quilt and just wanted to piece it. It was a fun relaxing project.
I love this top and have a quilting plan and backing. Sometimes it is just nice to play with a familiar block and colour. I often piece for relaxation.
This one was a kit from Craftsy. I used to really enjoy that site and ordered fabric from them while it was offered.
I do have the 12th block pieced, it is from a designers mystery from The Fat-quarter Shop. I stalled on the finishing kit, it’s all neatly packed away in a box that I enjoy pulling out from time to time. It may resurface this coming year, time will tell. I stalled on it as I didn’t enjoy the suggested piecing technique, I now have a new ruler that will make finishing it a breeze.

Oh and there are more, thankfully I believe that they can become leader ender projects this coming year.

My Moda Block Heads top that I recently completed is also on my list for quilting.

It was with all of those projects on my mind that made me really think hard about starting the colour collective!

My Longtime Gone is still in process… I am still really loving that project and will continue to plug away at it it’s at the halfway mark. I completed the court house step blocks last week.

These blocks take more time in the planning stage than piecing.

So why did I decide to jump into a new project? Because piecing and colour play is fun and relaxing and eventually I will get it all done and if not I am having having fun trying!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Mary’s Laundry Basket Mystery Quilt

Oh how I love blue quilts! This one made my heart sing the moment it arrived on my doorstep! I could hardly wait to quilt it however it had to wait its turn. Well that turn arrived and the quilt has gone home.

I love piecing and did check out the Laundry Basket Mystery Quilt and considered for a moment jumping in, however I had a couple projects on the go already and customer quilts in the que.

I chose the pantograph Feather Grande by Bethanne Nemesh and it just danced along on this beautiful quilt.
The quilting really shows on the back, again those blues!!
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario


Just as I was getting used to October it has slipped away! I woke to a white world brrr! Thankfully for children the weather was nicer for their Halloween adventures.

We enjoyed visits with all but 2 of our grandchildren which made for a fun day and even had 2 groups of trick or treaters which we haven’t had out here in years.

I enjoyed Saturdays class with Jo Avery. I don’t have a lot of experience in improv piecing so it was a good exercise. I haven’t decided whether or not I will continue on with more blocks or just use what I made as a sample.

I had hoped to be a little further along with my Longtime Gone quilt and continue to work on that and budget some of my time for my newest quilting adventure.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Colour or Color

Well I am Canadian so it is colour, though I am very much looking forward to taking part in the Color Collective (of course from the States).

I have never really been able to decide on one favourite colour as it seems to always change, though in the last years I do find a lot of comfort in blues.

In my early years of quilting I loved the softer colours and gravitated towards very soft colours probably because I found them to be soothing I needed the safety and comfort in those challenging years raising children as a single Mom working in a stressful office.

Seaside Rose was a favourite collection years ago it was a Moda collection by Three Sisters and I loved Carrie Nelson’s pattern Summer wind.
I made the same quilt a few years later with a Fig Tree collection a little brighter and bolder.
I also made quilts with the French General collections.

My friend Alva was always encouraging me to play with more colour to use real colours true reds for instance. She had such an eye for colour. She left me with with many lessons and colour wheels and fabric examples.

Over the years I became tired of the soft pastel quilts. Lately I am craving more, more colour, more contrast perhaps but maybe more wow in my choices! Maybe just change. Life should evolve and change, right?

Alva’s Crane quilt was pieced the year after her son Jeff passed away too young. It was a healing quilts for her, though I doubt a mother really completely heals from that pain. This quilt has colour and so much more to it. Cranes taught me to savour the piecing journey…life doesn’t have to be a race.

So now, I am ready to embrace Colour and learn more about it. I have the tools, colour wheels, books on colour theory and of course information on the web.

If your are at the how do I understand Colour and Quilts stage of your journey I recommend Karen Browns you tube videos she has some very good and easy to follow videos to help you understand Colour Theory.


Her site and You Tube videos are a fantastic resource for not only new quilters but also seasoned quilters as there is always something new to learn.

Where are you on your Colour Journey?

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Mid October

We have been incredibly spoiled this fall with warm days. A couple of days ago the high was actually 20C which is unusual for this time of year in this area. Now that the October full moon has passed the colder air seems to be upon us at least it sure feels like it this morning! It’s -4C with a feels like -8C…

Liam has been with us this week and I remind him that in a month or two those temperatures will seem warm! Still it sure makes it hard to crawl out of a warm bed in the morning and we will very soon be turning on the furnace.

We have been busy around here getting ready for winter. The gardens are empty and tilled, the pool is covered and parts stored away. It is time to give in and bring the boots in from the shed and tuck away the summer shoes.

Thankfully my quilting keeps me warm and happy. My customer quilts delight me. I love the transformation from top to quilt!

I continue to work away on my Longtime Gone quilt. The most recent block is trip around the world. It was laid out for weeks before I finally sat down and sewed.

This block consists of 121 1.5” squares. I have fun choosing different backgrounds for these blocks.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Flamingo Quilt

How bright and cheerful is this quilt! Halina has been making such fun scrappy quilts and this one was no exception.

I chose the pantograph Hearts and Blooms partially because of some of the blooms found in the fabrics but the backing called fo4 the hearts.

The Flamingo fabric she used for her borders is so delightful! It really amazes me with how many quilts that I quilt that I often have never come across many of the fabrics in them also how rare it is to have duplicate quilts to quilt.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Lady of the Lake Quilt

This was one of Susan’s first quilt projects that she purchased when she first began quilting. It sat waiting for her to feel ready to tackle all of those half square triangles.

As usual her quilt top was perfectly pieced and a joy to quilt! it was quilted using Bethanne Nemeshs pantograph Feather Grande.

I love the yellow and grays together

How pretty is this backing!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Granny Square Quilt

I don’t know whether I have the name correct or not, however Joan’s quilt reminded me of granny squares. Her colour/fabric choices made for a much more elegant look.

I used the pantograph flying paisley in order to add to the elegance and really love the way that design pops on the border.

How pretty is this backing!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving!

With the weather being wet and gloomy and being a long weekend weekend I decided to treat myself to some just for me sewing days.

I began the Moda blockhead 3 quilt at the beginning of 2020 and kept up for the most part and enjoyed the challenge of piecing a few new to me blocks. I used fabrics from a few designers and a colour palette that was different than I had been using lately.

These blocks were on my wall far too long to the point of being tired of looking at them, especially with another project getting well under way and needing the design wall space!

Not all blocks made it into the top and now I am at the point of deciding on the border, that may take a little time as I am going to ponder that for a while. Any suggestions?