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January 2021 piecing and life

I hesitated to share the following picture on my blog but in many ways it helps describe January 2021!

Moda Blockheads 3

We are once again in lockdown in Ontario, though this one seems a little easier for some and more challenging for others. Winter here is not always easy, thankfully for the most part we have had surprisingly mild weather.

I am blessed with family and also the ability to help as needed. It has been a busy month but also a rewarding month. We had a health scare in the family and this week received good news such a huge relief for us all.

So one day a week or so ago I was tired, and feeling like I hadn’t had any me time…I also had a whole day to myself! I made the most of it and played with my toys and made a mess. I rarely do any paper piecing but I did enjoy making the love block and it inspired me to keep going on the Moda Blockheads quilt that I began a year ago.

Slowly coming together, why rush

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