Moda Blockheads 3, Wendy's Quilting

Moda Blockheads (block 23)

For those who know me well, they know that I love precision piecing! I often tell people it’s one of the few things in life that have total control over, not really true but in some ways yes.

This block called luck penny had some challenges which were met by pressing directionally. It ended up being fun little block.

Moda Blockheads 3, Thunder Bay, Wendy's Quilting

Family Day Weekend and Blockheads Update

Today is a provincial holiday, it is meant to encourage families to spend time together. Of course this year we are in a lock down due to Covid and discouraged from spending time with anyone who doesn’t live in your household.

We are still living in the deep freeze, however hope is on the horizon and we will be in the minus teens tomorrow and next weekend is looking like minus single digits! That is exciting especially since the forecast looks kinder for the rest of the month.

I have continued to work on my blockhead blocks, I don’t want it to become an unfinished project so will work away until it tells me it’s finished. I am itching to start something new.

Moda Blockheads (Block 56)

Isn’t block 56 pretty. In a previous post I shared my used of Deb Tuckers Wing Clipper ruler to make my Flying Geese blocks. I own both sizes and use them often.

I love the accuracy
Block 17, the flying geese units finish at 3/4” x 1 1/2” so accuracy was essential with little room to play with.
Moda Blockheads 3, Wendy's Quilting, Winter

My Very Fresh Start to the Day

This is what I woke up to just before 7am

So I checked this…

Which made me so happy that I have a car starter! Which cycled twice today! Because….

This was the temperature while driving this morning…this is not unusual to have weather like this in Thunder Bay in the winter, we do however like to complain about it! I call it perfect quilting weather!

This quilt was pressed and loaded onto the longarm last night and will be quilted today. I always go over my customers quilts, press them and make sure everything is good to go.

My next Moda Blockhead block is almost ready to be sewn together. I made the flying geese units before calling it a day last night. I have a few methods and rulers for making these units and always seem to come back to Deb Tuckers Wing Clippers.

I love the accuracy of trimming down the blocks along with all of the different sizes on each ruler. I especially love the tiny ones!
Moda Blockheads 3, Wendy's Quilting

Moda Blockheads 3 (Block 26)

I was able to enjoy a slower weekend and after finishing a really fun customer quilt that I will share more about soon, I spent hours playing and finished a few more blocks.

Yesterday’s block was all half square triangles that finish at 1”… right up my alley for those who know me!

I love blue! When Olfa came out with their navy blue cutting mat I had to have one so no only did I order the full size but also the smallest ones. I really like the contrast when using light colours.

The large mats are a pretty big investment and when trimming many small units it makes sense to use a smaller mat instead of wearing out sections of the large one, at least for me as I tend to piece at least a little bit every day.

I use my bloc loc ruler often, I really love the accuracy it affords. I have not tried the different papers that are available yet.

Moda Blockheads 3 block 26

Green isn’t a colour that I normally reach for in my quilting life so having it in many of my blocks for this quilt has been a stretch! I do like this little block it was fun and easy to make!

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Joan’s Batik Star Quilt

This is another one of Joan’s quilts. It’s batik fabrics really pop off of the black fabric doesn’t it. When discussing the quilting she mentioned that her Grandson might like it for his dorm and so requested the quilting not be floral or feathers.

I have often chosen a variegated thread on quilts with black backgrounds however auditioned this Glide Sterling and chose it.

The pantograph is a favourite of mine. It was designed by a friend from my early long-arming days when a group of us regularly chatted on Longarm Chat. It’s called Star Swirl and is by Michelle Wyman.

The quilt is so vibrant on its own, it really didn’t need a bright thread.
Moda Blockheads 3, Wendy's Quilting

Moda Blockheads 3 Block 37

I am still slowly working on my blocks for this quilt and haven’t decided how many more I will do. Piecing has always been something that I really enjoy and for the most part like to take my time as accuracy is my goal.

This morning I finished block 37. I had been procrastinating a bit as joining square in a square blocks can be a challenge. This morning I remembered seeing a tip on a utube by Edita Sitar and it sure worked well.

First of all though I made my little blocks using my Simple Folded Corner Ruler.

Yes, the ruler is upside down…I am left handed.

When joining these units I use a pin to match the corner points on the inside square and once aligned I very carefully place the join under the needle of the machine having removed the pin first. By hand I lower the needle just before the centre of the points and sew the rest of the seam.

Before finishing the seam I check to see if I’ve made a good match.
I pressed this seam open to reduce the bulk.
A sweet 8 1/2” block
Basting, Wendy's Quilting

Basting your Quilt

I was approached late last year about basting quilts on my Longarm. I had heard about this technique before so I did some research and offered to give it a go.

I have friends who use some of the basting sprays instead of pinning. I am leery of not only the glue but the fumes and what they mean for our health.

Maureen brought me three projects and reported back that the basting worked well.

Success! The needle holes from basting will disappear with time or washing.
Maureen shared a picture of the thread nest made after quilting 😊
Wendy's Quilting


Well that was a January! It’s seems to have flown by, we were fortunate for the most part to enjoy mild weather though one week was a lot colder than I like.

Winter isn’t over in Thunder Bay for a couple of months…

I meant to share these pictures from December earlier however life has a way of moving quickly…

December 27th 6:25pm Erik took this picture from the roof of the garage, while dealing with snow…if you are wondering why he was up there.
I was inside…if you look carefully you can see me in the kitchen. We love a hearty bowl of homemade soup for supper. This is my chicken and wild rice soup.
Early Christmas morning looking out the kitchen window.

February is off to a mild start.