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Lorraines Quilts

As a Longarm quilter I have met many quilters, some are brand new at this art and others have being making quilts long before I knew about them. I have always loved my friendships with women who are ahead of me on this life Journey. Lorraine is a true treasure she is now well into her 80’s and many times has said that this is her last quilt…not long after she will call with just one or two more.

Lorraine January 2021

Lorraine moved into a retirement home a couple of years ago, she had told me then she was finished quilting. Not long after she called and said that all the people there talk about is their age and health troubles. So she set up her utility closet as her sewing room and got busy. While she has been a wonderful customer she has also blessed me with so much of her wisdom. Despite many health issues she continues to be a very bright light and her friendship a true gift.

Jitterbug Pantograph
Lorraine December 2020

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