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Tote Bags

As a longtime quilter as I like to think of it…I have accumulated some fabric over the years and have kept a lot of scraps for some day. They are fun to play with and especially useful when trying out a new block or idea.

I am still playing with some crumb piecing. However I took a little side trip recently, as I have been wanting to make a bag…thankfully I easily shopped my stash and had all that I needed.

I was able to use some scraps left over from my one of my granddaughters quilts for the lining.

It was a quick and fun project using a free pattern from Apple Green Cottage

I can see making more in the future…this sweet bag made with different fabric would be adorable for a little trick or treater!


Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Dinosaur Quilts (part 1)

Good Monday morning…we woke up to some white stuff this morning! Not enough to shovel and it will most likely melt this afternoon but enough to remind me to get out the winter gear!

It’s so much easier to greet the warmer days of spring and summer along with our nice long days of extra daylight…. But then again it’s so much easier to get lost in my quilting as winter approaches.

I recently completed some double sided quilts, these take a little more time and consideration in loading in order to keep the back as straight as possible.

This quilt is a great example of beginning with a panel and adding on with different blocks to create a quilt top. The backing was inspired I believe from searching on Pinterest.

What’s going on in your quilting world these days? I have a few spots open for Christmas projects so touch base with me if you would like to be entered onto my quilting schedule.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

A Flannel Quilt

Autumn is truly upon us with the leaves with their spectacular colours barely holding onto the trees and quickly covering the ground.

Our days are getting shorter and cooler…soon to be colder. We are truly entering perfect quilting weather. If you are working on a project or have quilts that you are wanting finished for Christmas let me know soon as those spots fill up quickly.

This beautifully pieced quilt made with rich soft flannel was a joy to quilt. The angles inspired a swirl quilting design to add some movement with just enough density to still allow for a soft drape making this quilt perfect for snuggling under!

The backing is a bold checkerboard woven fabric. A backing with such as this requires a little more time and planning in order to keep straight but the effort is well worth the results!

The majority of my customers like to have me trim their quilts for them which I do free of charge …

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario


It’s been a busy Month, with quilting and preparing for winter. The furnace is often running overnight now and it won’t be long before it’s needed during the day.

This was the view from my sewing room window last week…the leaves are falling and the view changes daily.

I have been busy in the studio…here’s a glimpse with more to come.

When most of my time is spent working on customer quilts I like to treat myself with some time sewing for myself before bed.

I am contemplating the final border for my Longtime gone quilt and while I do that I have been playing with the crumbs that have been made in the process of piecing the top.

The fun never ends!
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

September RV Adventure (part 5) Harvest Hosts

One of the most interesting things of course with RV Travel are all of the great places to stay! We joined Boondockers Welcome before we picked up the Motorhome in Quebec and then upgraded to Harvest Hosts before our September adventure.

I have already mentioned our first Harvest Host stay…The Snowmobile Museum. Well our second HH stay was at an Apple Orchard… not far from Frankenmuth.


The owners were so friendly and accommodating, they encouraged us to explore which we did and of course purchased some yummy treats from their shop.

On the way home we stayed a second night at the KOA in St. Ignace Michigan.

Our last night was spent Iron River Wisconsin at the White River Winery. https://whitewinter.com/

After enjoying a tasting and visiting with the owner and staff and some purchases… we parked the Motorhome for the night.

We made good use of their trails, meeting up with a few side by side drivers along the way.

Before heading to the border we parked at the Marina in Grand Marais for lunch. The clouds were heavy and our drive home was wet!

We are always well prepared to cross back into Canada, including the Can app all filled in…something that is now discontinued.

We crossed easily and looked forward to being home.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Carols Blue Quilt

I first met Carol through the quilting group at our re recreation centre and have quilted for her before. I of course loved seeing her project develop while she was piecing her blue quilt! It is gorgeous full of beautiful batiks and did I say blue?

As much as I love to play with different colours I am often drawn back to blue…there is just something so tranquil and calming about blue.

When she asked me to quilt her project I have to admit to being really happy to have the privilege to spend time with her quilt and to help bring this quilt to completion.

Carol was even more excited to have her quilt returned to her and ready for her bed.

This was a fun picture to take and really captured the true colours in the quilt!

Yes, I am asked on occasion to bind quilts for my customers this quilt was 100” square so it took a few sessions of hand stitching.

One of my purchases last year was a lamp by Verilux that I ordered from Amazon and I am really pleased with the true and clean light it gives and is almost as bright as if I was sitting at a sunny window. I highly recommend good lighting.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

September RV Adventure (part 4) Mackinaw and Frankenmuth

Our arrival to St Ignace seems well reflected in the picture of me on the ferry!

Upon arrival we were told where to park the motorhome and the shuttle was there waiting for us. I had expected a little time to get ready for the excursion…

I do enjoy being on the water and chose that we sit up top and on the side. It was a fun ride that before arriving at the island we were given an up-close look at the Mackinaw Bridge.

The arrival on the island and off the Ferry was fun and definitely felt like we were somewhere different. There are no motorized vehicles on the Island which gave it a peaceful feel. Of course being a tourist destination it was a busy place and considering it was a rainy September day and still very busy I can only imagine how crazy July must be.

We enjoyed some hiking and the beautiful scenery.

After several hours exploring we were on our way back to the mainland and our campsite for the night. The KOA in St Ignace.

The next morning we left to cross the Mackinaw Bridge on route to Frankenmuth Michigan. It was a rainy day and being on the passenger side I could definitely see how high above the lake we were…

We spent a few hours exploring…

Erik was really interested in the covered bridge..it really is something how they are constructed!

We left Frankenmuth headed to Freeland for the night…our next Harvest Host stay…which I will share in my next post.

We spent the next day in the area exploring.

Frankenmuth is well known as a Christmas Town and we did visit Bonners and their amazing shop of all things Christmas Decor. We did buy a few things though I am more inclined towards less is more and sentimental hand crafted decorating.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Millie’s Christmas Quilt

The weather here has changed with much cooler nights and the leaves are quickly changing colour. With Fall definitely upon us it’s time to finish Christmas Quilts.

I have been quilting for Millie for several years and often pick up and deliver her quilts. It’s always fun to visit in her quilting room and see all the projects that she has going … and her stash too!

Yesterday I delivered her Christmas Quilt.

I had initially considered adding more snowflakes with my quilting however I decided that adding movement with the panto windswept would add some movement without distracting from the snowflakes on the fabric.

Another consideration was thread, when there is a lot of contrast in the fabrics choosing a thread that blends is often best and a design that won’t be partially cut off on some portions of the quilt is favourable. I used a 60wt thread in white.

I pieced the backing, the stripes worked really well.
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

September RV Adventure (part 3) Da Yoopers and Top of the Lake

After leaving Houghton/Hancock we were off to check out Da Yoopers Tourist Trap! https://dayoopers.com

You would need to see it along with a good sense of humour, it was a fun stop.

Largest operating chainsaw

Our next stop for the night was our first Harvest Host stay in Naubinway Michigan. The Snowmobile Museum. https://www.snowmobilemuseum.com

The museum was really interesting, the staff were very knowledgeable as well. Also on a quilty note their local quilters meet there weekly as do their knitting group as the have a meeting room as well.

We purchased a membership in the spring from Boondockers Welcome and upgraded to Harvest Hosts for this trip. Harvest Host lists thousands of businesses that allow members to stay overnight. Two other couples were also staying the night and we enjoyed visiting with them.

After dinner we walked to the Marina. Naubinway is located at the Top of Lake Michigan.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

September RV Adventure part 2 Houghton/Hancock and area.

We left Duluth after our 2 night stay headed toward the Houghton/Hancock area.

The Upper Peninsula is known for its Finnish Heritage, so one of our first stops was The Little Finland Heritage site. One of the great things about travelling in the fall is how much quieter everything is the downside is that most sites move to self guided tours with the buildings closed. It was still a nice walk and fun to look around.

Look what I found!! I had read about the heart project but never ever considered finding a heart myself… this discovery truly put a smile on my face and Eriks as well.

Erik had done some research and found another Heritage site to visit which was fairly close to Houghton, though it was a little challenging to find.

The Hanka Homestead, we really enjoyed our self guided tour!

I have always loved these pumps and this one worked!
A love of tractors!
Smoke Sauna
The root cellar tucked away, that door was open and it was very cold inside on that hot day.

The house was locked up of course however I was able to peek into the windows.

Check out this clothesline!

We really enjoyed exploring this site.

And then we were on our way to find our campsite. We stayed at the Hancock Recreation Area Beach and Campground. Our site allowed us a view of the river as they call it there.

We spent the next day exploring. Starting off with a fun snack!

Of course I had checked for a quilt shop in the area and I was not disappointed!! I did add to my stash a little too 😊 and highly recommend this shop.